Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Timeless Tuesday, Prehistoric Edition

I haven't done a Timeless Tuesday post in a long time.  These were posts showing items I'd made before having a blog.  So many of those items don't have pictures, or else the pictures are print and need to be scanned.
 I dug this guy out though.  My son was a dinosaur nut when he was young, and I found the pattern in Family Circle's Easy Knitting. 
It's not hard, but the instructions were awful. It's as though they were doing the layout, and they got to the end of the page before the end of the instructions, so they just wrote "Sew together and embroider facial features."  I didn't have much stash at the time, so I actually went out and bought the red Red Heart yarn.  I'm not sure why we chose red.  The beige was a very light yarn I think I inherited from my grandma, probably a sock yarn.  The purple spots were Koigu. 

Yes.  I had made socks, weren't happy, made a new pair...and had bits left over from having cut the yarn numerous times for the first pair.  I should have doubled the beige and the Koigu, but didn't really clue in.  It took a lot of stuffing, I remember that.  And, of course, after all that hard work...it was mostly left in a corner, neglected.  Sigh.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Frosty #2

I wasn't happy with the bear hat I made for Jenna.  Sure, it was cute, but I didn't like how it gaped around the forehead.  So, I made another one (26gr), the same design, but this time I decreased about 7 sts--two per row, every other row, centred at the top, before starting the ribbing.  I liked it much better, though I don't have a photo on my "newborn head".
She had also ordered a little romper (36gr).  I struggled with much of this.  Do you know how hard it is to find out how long a baby is from shoulder to crotch?  I finally asked in a Frugal Mommy group--someone always has a newborn in that group, LOL.  I could go measure some outfits in a store...but you don't know how they're intended to fit.  I still felt this looked a little loose.  Sometimes it's cute when babies are in clothes that are too big.  But I decided to make up a smaller one too.  Which now looks way too small.  It's not quite finished.

You'll also see another tiny bear.  Jenna messaged me to say her son had adopted the first one, and so she needed another one, and perhaps with brown features instead of black.  I tried that once years ago, on a big bear, and it looked odd.  However, I think I did okay on this one.  I also made up some scarves for him, using a variety of yarns, including yarns from other things I've knit for her!

 Just chillin' in the garden
 A bit of colour
And a little bath after his adventures!

Now I'm working on two little bunnies for Jenna, gifts for her nieces :)

Yarn In:   6160gr
Yarn Out:   17gr(bear) + 5gr(scarves) + 36gr + 26gr + 2655gr= 2739gr
Balance: 3421gr more brought IN than out
Cost:  $314.71/247 days = $1.27/day


Sunday, September 07, 2014

Yardage Pt 3

After going to Michaels and getting the second ball of LionBrand WoolEase Thick n Quick in the same dyelot, I got started on the bear hoodie.  And finished it with plenty of the first ball leftover!!
I had sent a picture of the ball to the client before I started.  She thought it was lighter than the picture she sent.  The picture was the actual designer's picture, so I messaged her through Ravelry.  She replied that she had used Linen for it--and I had bought Fisherman.  I didn't recall another beige shade there.  When I went for the second ball, I asked, and indeed, they haven't had Linen for awhile.  I told the client this and went ahead with the hoodie.  Finished it and sent her some pictures with different button options.  She sent pictures of other items with very large brown buttons...the type of buttons that cost $6+ at specialty stores.  I went button shopping at the regular fabric store and picked a few more options.  Then she sends me another picture of someone else's bear hoodie done in the darker Linen, and says that person lives to the east of me and got the yarn at Michaels---but bought out all the skeins in that shade.  So, I answer that I can check at a different Michaels' next week....it's really a drag to go to that other store, but I want her happy and I can probably easily sell this hoodie in Fisherman. 

While I have your attention...I'm in another Facebook auction.  This one is good because the money actually comes to me :)  Go take a look at some great items!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

100 833

100 833!  That's how many page views I've had since Blogger has been keeping track!  I noticed last month that I was getting close, but I didn't think I'd be over the 100 00 mark by so much before I noticed.  Between trips, and computer issues, I haven't had much time for blogging.  I hope to get more regular once the kids are back in school. I've got quite a bit to show, but most needs to just get finished up.  Or "real" photos.  It's hard to show a newborn romper, just laying flat in the grass.

Anyway...it's late, I'm off to bed.  Hopefully I'll have some new stuff for you in a couple days!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yardage Pt2

I went to Michaels and was able to get another ball in the same dye lot, and use a 40% off coupon.  Yay.  Now, what will I do with the 90yds left over? LOL.   Messaged the client to arrange deposit and she hasn't answered yet.  Do I start anyway?  Everyone seemed to want one of these hoodie when someone posted the picture on Facebook, but I can't imagine toddlers will actually like them....they'd turn their head, but the hoodie is oversized, so it doesn't move....
Also picked up some "pumpkin orange" for a potential order.

Yarn In:  128gr + 170gr + 5862gr = 6160gr
Yarn Out:   2655gr
Balance: 3505gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $6.77 + $307.72 = $314.49/227 days = $1.39/day

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm going to be knitting an animal hoodie.  The client suggests size 10-15 months.  I have the actual pattern, and the size choices are 6-9 month and 12-18 months.  I guess 9-12 month olds wouldn't wear this?  Anyway, the yarn requirement for 6-9 months is 108yds.  It's mainly in one colours, with a small amount in a second colours (inside the ears).  The recommended yarn, that I'm using, is 106yds per ball.  Ugh.  The 12-18 month size takes 125yds.  Even trying to resize in between these won't make it a one ball project.  I have ONE ball.  I can get more, but not necessarily the same dyelot.  Ugh.  These animal hoodies seem really popular, so hopefully I'll get more orders for the light cream version....

Friday, August 15, 2014


One day, my youngest wanted to rollerblade.  She sat on the basement stairs to put them on, while I looked for all the gear.  I found a cloth tote bag, cheapy-give-away-from-politician.  Inside, was a nearly finished blue pod, in Patons "Divine".  WHAT?!

I went  to my Facebook biz page and asked if I had promised a blue pod to anyone.  No one recalled anything, but one woman responded that she'd buy it.  The same woman that bought the grey pixie bonnet a few posts back!  I quickly finished it off and got it in the mail.

Aww!  I love that yarn.  Of course, it seems to be discontinued!

I picked up some more white "mohair" at Value Village; $2.14 for 119gr.  Also picked up more of the Sirdar Snuggly for the cardi I've been machine knitting for what seems like forever.  Five balls, two of brown, three of taupe.  It's a different dye lot, and I'm not sure I'm happy with it.  I've been trying to get to a different store to check out another dye lot, but I've been so busy.  And away.  I had 45 days to return it, I think I might be past that now :(  And, where is the bill?  I'm going to guessimate, $4.99/ball (Mary Maxim's price)...250gr for $28.19.

Yarn In: 119gr + 250gr + 5493gr = 5862gr
Yarn Out:   50gr + 2605gr = 2655gr
Balance: 3207gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $30.33 + $307.72 = $338.08/227 days = $1.49/day