Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yardage Pt2

I went to Michaels and was able to get another ball in the same dye lot, and use a 40% off coupon.  Yay.  Now, what will I do with the 90yds left over? LOL.   Messaged the client to arrange deposit and she hasn't answered yet.  Do I start anyway?  Everyone seemed to want one of these hoodie when someone posted the picture on Facebook, but I can't imagine toddlers will actually like them....they'd turn their head, but the hoodie is oversized, so it doesn't move....
Also picked up some "pumpkin orange" for a potential order.

My desktop computer is down, so I'll just post these details and hope to fix it up later.

Yarn In:  128gr + 170gr = 298gr
Cost:  $12.41

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm going to be knitting an animal hoodie.  The client suggests size 10-15 months.  I have the actual pattern, and the size choices are 6-9 month and 12-18 months.  I guess 9-12 month olds wouldn't wear this?  Anyway, the yarn requirement for 6-9 months is 108yds.  It's mainly in one colours, with a small amount in a second colours (inside the ears).  The recommended yarn, that I'm using, is 106yds per ball.  Ugh.  The 12-18 month size takes 125yds.  Even trying to resize in between these won't make it a one ball project.  I have ONE ball.  I can get more, but not necessarily the same dyelot.  Ugh.  These animal hoodies seem really popular, so hopefully I'll get more orders for the light cream version....

Friday, August 15, 2014


One day, my youngest wanted to rollerblade.  She sat on the basement stairs to put them on, while I looked for all the gear.  I found a cloth tote bag, cheapy-give-away-from-politician.  Inside, was a nearly finished blue pod, in Patons "Divine".  WHAT?!

I went  to my Facebook biz page and asked if I had promised a blue pod to anyone.  No one recalled anything, but one woman responded that she'd buy it.  The same woman that bought the grey pixie bonnet a few posts back!  I quickly finished it off and got it in the mail.

Aww!  I love that yarn.  Of course, it seems to be discontinued!

I picked up some more white "mohair" at Value Village; $2.14 for 119gr.  Also picked up more of the Sirdar Snuggly for the cardi I've been machine knitting for what seems like forever.  Five balls, two of brown, three of taupe.  It's a different dye lot, and I'm not sure I'm happy with it.  I've been trying to get to a different store to check out another dye lot, but I've been so busy.  And away.  I had 45 days to return it, I think I might be past that now :(  And, where is the bill?  I'm going to guessimate, $4.99/ball (Mary Maxim's price)...250gr for $28.19.

Yarn In: 119gr + 250gr + 5562gr = 5931gr
Yarn Out:   50gr + 2536gr = 2586gr
Balance: 3345gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $30.33 + $307.72 = $338.08/227 days = $1.49/day

Friday, August 01, 2014


Just a quick post as I'm between vacations, LOL!

I had a comment on the Violet Sunset post about my Yarn Totals at the bottom of most of my posts.  For several years now, I've been keeping track of how much money I spend on yarn, how many grams I buy/acquire, and how much I use up/give away.  I chose grams because much of my yarn is thrifted, vintage, or unlabeled, so I don't know the yardage.  I take how much I spend, and divide it by the number of days in the year so far, to figure out my "per day" yarn costs.  I don't add in the costs for needles, patterns, buttons, etc.

It's been interesting.  I'm down in productivity this year, I think.  If I was at my regular computer I would be able to link to the recaps, but if you choose "Confessions" under the Labels, over on the right, you should be able to find them :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014


One of my favourite photographers ordered some more items.  I love making tiny, adorable things.  Even basics, like leg warmers, are so much cuter when done in newborn sizes.  I know I really shouldn't post this yet, as I still have to finish one more item (romper to go with bear hat), and I just mailed these things on Friday so she hasn't gotten them yet (though I don't think she reads this LOL).
 Pretty hard to display baby legwarmers without a baby, LOL.
 Teddy bear hat.  I tried something different.  I wanted a rounded shape, not the pointed rectangle shape like the pixie hats.  I cast on for the bottom, knit almost the height I wanted, then short rowed, starting with the middle third and adding one stitch each row on either side. 
 Once all the stitches were back in work, I felt it was a little short at the front, so I did a few more short rows to build up the centre front.  I hope the hat fits; it seems a little loose around the bottom, but my "head" doesn't have a neck LOL.
 Next up...this adorable little bear.  On Ravelry, it's "Bill and Ben Twin Bears".  It's a little more shaped then the inspiration photo Jenna sent me, but really, adding a bit of shaping for the paws doesn't take more time.  However...this pattern has you knit flat.  Pbsspt.  No way.  Knit it in the round and stuff as you go.  The hard thing was the assembly instructions were "sew seams and assemble".  There was no indication for the body which was the top.  The legs and arms I could pretty well tell.  The ears, I didn't know how the pattern was supposed to turn out, so I crocheted them.
Oh, I was going to crochet him a scarf!
I don't often vary from the teddy bear pattern I normally use, but to size it down to get a mini bear like this, I'd have to use very fine yarn.  This one is fine!

Yarn In: 5562gr
Yarn Out:   116gr + 2420gr = 2536gr
Balance: 3026gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $307.72/201 days = $1.53/day

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It appeared that summer was going to finally appear by Canada Day, so I wanted a water bottle holder to show our Canadianism.  This one is done in acrylic Red Heart yarn because finding the bright red cotton is really hard for some reason.

This is just a quick iPad photo.  Red is hard  to photograph.  It was done with the bottom in a single crochet circle, then a few rounds of single crochet, then a few of half double crochet, then a few rounds of double crochet, then I did a DC, ch1 (skipping every other DC in the previous round), then the next round was DC in the ch1 space.  This makes for a very stretchy waterbottle holder, but not really lacey.
This time, I made the strap extra long, all DC (I think 4 wide), and I sewed a button on the top edge, opposite the strap.  This way, it can be shortened to whatever length, or worn cross-body with the  strap fully let out. 

No one wanted to take it to the Canada Day activities, so it sits waiting for a buyer in my box of doom...

Yarn In: 5562gr
Yarn Out: 51gr + 2369gr = 2420gr
Balance: 3142gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $307.72/196days = $1.57/day

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Little Give Away

Some posted in a give-away group (like Freecycle, but on Facebook) that they were looking for baby wool.  I asked questions--baby wool, or baby yarn; what weight, colours--and found she had some Bernat Baby Softee.  I also had some so I offered it to her.  Gave away 243gr, a lilac ball with no label and a ball of a blue/green mix.

I looked at my numbers from this time last year.  I haven't bought as much yarn as last year, but I have spent more on that yarn.  I haven't had nearly the same output--down by about half.  Last year though, I was making more items to put in the "in stock" box, and I'm not really doing that this year.  Also, the photographer I worked with a lot in the beginning of TracyKM Designs has been using a lot of other prop makers, in a variety of styles.  I'll keep plugging away.  Hopefully if I just stay out of Michaels....

Yarn In: 5562gr
Yarn Out: 248gr + 2121gr = 2369gr
Balance: 3193gr more brought IN than out
Cost: $307.72/190days = $1.62/day